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jackpot party casino error 31010

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BMI noted that charges of rampant payola among Justice Department's own memo broadcasters brought request from cited the system as discouraging FCC Commissioner Roscl Hyde, "young writers and publishers from aclina chairman at the hearing, for writing and publishing new songs.

Altho the holiday season is over, the record industry is still on a religious wax kick. Some tradesters believe trend is at least par- tially inspired by a subconscious — or in a few cuscs.

The payola probes have caused a number of changes in the music scene, but not as much as expected. And there is still dirt under the rug.

Payola hearing by the Legislative Oversight Committee chairmaned by Rep. Orcn Harris, set for February S.

It will aim at detecting a ''pattern" in pavola: Officials said the system has advantages over magnetic tape reproduction. On the other hand, magnetic tape interests saw only lim- ited future applications of the concept.

Kih' j songwriter group an "allied organ- ization" of performing rights soci- ety ASCAP — altho both groups claim they act entirely separately, in spite ot overlapping interests.

Doerfer's comments were contained in an outline of the scopd and nature of major problems fac- ing the FCC in The chairman slated that with regard to payola, the FCC is ana- lyzing more than 5.

I Any licensee violated the provisions ol Section of the Communica- tions A. Some of these developments have been surprising, others have been expected, and still others show a cynicism that is in itself startling.

On the radio station front there has been no over-all big change in record programming on the part of most stations according to field re- ports and reports from record man- ufacturers and promotion men.

Stations as a whole have not stop- ped playing rock and roll records to play so called "good" music. What they have done in many cases, is to play a few less out- and-out rock and roll records for a few more records with strings.

However, it is important to remem- ber that prior to the uproar over payola, rock and roll itself was be- coming more and more addicted to strings, and a lot of the records with strings today arc rock and roll records.

The firm's plan allows deal- ers a 10 per cent exchange privi- lege or a 5 per cent cash credit on catalog items.

As an additional incentive to dealers, - Columbia is giving an extra 10 per cent dis- count on almost all Columbia pop- ular and classical LP's during the month of January.

Columbia is offering special dat- ing terms as well on all January purchases with 50 per cent pay- able in February and 50 per cent payable in March.

This special dating is available to dealers who qualify under their local Columbia distributor's credit policies. The firm is also shipping out many in- store promotion aids for dealer use this month,.

There have been a few stations,] programming', which was-called by however, who because of emotional I one manufacturer this week, "Mu- rcaction to the payola probes, perhaps because they were tired of the Top 40 format, have switched violently to entirely different types of programming.

These include some stations who have thrown out all their records and switched back to recordings made in the thirties by such artists as Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell and even Rudy Vallee.

This type of or sical McCarlhyism," cannot be ex- pected to last too long. Dirt Under Rug However, on another front, the payola scene, things are not, ac- cording to more than one manufac- turer, as cleaned up as the hulla- baloo would make it appear.

Checked into the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D. Called over 30 deejays whom he knew, at a lime he knew they wouldn't be able to be reached at their stations.

He left messages with the station operator that the call was from Washington, D. Green, presi- dent of Mercury Records.

The ratio makes both kinds of packages economic to produce and sell, he told The Billboard. True, there's a double inventory problem, he said, but on the other hand "you get two shots out of a single weapon.

Green forecast that in five years, monaural disks would still comprise a substantial portion of the market, perhaps hold the major share..

International Director's post was held by Sandor Porges, who now becomes administra- tor of the international depart- ment with Fraser reporting to him.

Fraser, with Capitol since , moves into Inter- national at a time when the firm is intent on stepping up its expansion into the world market.

The Billboard, Patterson St. This trend, he said, indicates that monaural mer- chandise will continue to be a stable item while stereo can be expected to continue its expansion.

The agency has now issued a total of 27 complaints against members of he record in- dustry for sub rosa payments to unnamed disk jockeys in radio and television.

United Telefilm Records, j Inc. Distributing Company and Milton iT. At the same time, Atlantic-Atco sales manager Bob Kornheiser re- ported that sales on Atlantic al- bums in were 76 per cent ahead of those in ; while Atco LP sales for were more than double those of the preceding year.

Singles sales for both At- lantic and Atco last year, said the Special Jan. The plan ap- tory of the two labels. The decision to call off the con- vention was reached over the week- end, after officers of the DJA held a cross-country conference call.

Consequently, there will be no par- ticipation by labels in the DJA meet at all. Only disk jockeys and those who program records for 'radio or IV will be invited to at-: The DJA is currently making ar-: No explanation was given by the DJA as to why it suddenly decided to cancel out the conven- tion after announcing that it would go on as usual last week.

Donaldson Publishers Roger S. Managers and Divisions L. Publisher, New York Herb Dotten. Hollywood S SL Louis 1. CHcttnut Washington 5.

Robert Me CI ui key. L A, Circulation Department B. Ohio Subscription rates payable in advance- One year, in U. The Billboard International; rump..

It is now selling stronger than ever and recent sales figures have hit 16, daily. In The Billboard's Hot chart this week, the disk is in 33d position, and obviously climbing.

Myron Levinson, newly named National Operations Manager; Eu- gene Sapak, portable phono na- tional sales manager; a console phonos national sates manager will be announced later.

Those reporting to Mikcls in- clude Don Hasslcr, special markets sales manager; Jay Swint, pop al- bum. All appointments are effective immediately.

One of the most interesting fac- ets of the campaign is the fact that the disk was promoted heavily at the dealer level. Each dealer replying to a coupon ad placed in all trade papers received 25 disks free — legitimate freebies.

RCA Victor expressed itself as being gratified at the broad dealer re- sponse, and noted that many im- portant dealers, such as I.

It was learned that the Lauren ad in The Billboard far outdrcw ads, in all other trade papers com- bined. According to Bill Alexander, in charge of advertising promotion and publicity, and George Park- hitl, manager of pop advertising and promotion, the Lauren disk got tremendous dealer display as a re- sult of excitement engendered by the free record offer.

As reported exclusively in The Billboard last month. Cooke has come up with many hits for Keen Records over the past two years. Fach entry blank must be ac- companied by five wrappers from the Beech-Nut product.

The person who submits winning ' name for a basset hound will have the premiere of the movie in his or her home town early in April.

The grand prize winner will also entertain Clark and the film cast at a premiere dinner, accompany the jockey to the opening, receive free first-night tickets and win a swimming pool.

Harbach cited BMI promotion in the page affidavit, and declared that ASCAP "gems" would be skimmed off by broadcasters in per- program licenses, while BMI tunes would be used lor the bulk of the programming.

The affidavit was subsequently withdrawn, Fin- kclstcin noted, and had never been officially filed or made public.

Bob Adams, new pro- gram director of WITH here had begun a marathon bit of programming involving close to 24 hours of the same disk. Adams, who has moved here from a spot at WAKE, At- lanta, was to spotlight his offi- cial start Saturday 16 at noon, via this unique buildup.

Before each spin of the' disk, the announcement came thru about "here's the new- one by the Evcrly Brothers, or the McGuire Sisters," but each time it was the same.

The disk being spun was one called "Cowboys and Indians. Veteran disker, Lew Krefetz, who op- erates Colt Discount applies to both catalog and new re- leases and to all monaural and stereo disks.

Both showed only the vaguest acquaintanceship with pre- vious ASCAP involvement in con- gressional hearings, and Finkcl- stcin could scarcely even recall what the Smathcrs hearings on broadcaster-music divorcement had been all about.

Testifying later, one Ohio broad- caster. I ant amazed at the ignorance shown at morning's hearines. Further investigations and possibly hearings may be neces- sary in the more flagrant cases.

Boone intends to start his own label, to be known as Agoom Agooc spell it backwards Rec- ords, as an adjunct of his cur- rent production interest, Cooga Mooga TV Productions.

The label will be distributed by Dot Records, the label for which Boone records himself. Artists are now being negotiated for and in- itial releases are expected some- time next month.

The uneasy quiet was in re- sponse to a dubious compliment paid this city by Rep. Oren Harrii who announced that payola hear- ings would open February 8 in Chicago.

Rep William Springer, added tho announcement that three of tha Harris Committee's ace investiga- tors had been dispatched here to organize data of under-the-table transactions.

The Alliance group will constitute one voting unit, with Revue Pro- ductions allowed to hold a separate vote. Ihe record in- dustry is still on a religious wax kick.

P and EP charts. The hit duo arc out of their contract with Cadence Records as of February. Perhaps that is not wholly true. There have been hints from have he pair, but even these hints are withdrawn when put to a di- rect question of yes or no.

Whichever company, of the three involved, lands the Everlys. And Rose Was also interested in picture commitments for Ihe pair, one of the reasons why hoth WB and UA believe that they will land the learn.

In Victor's favor is the fact Ihnt the hoys dig country a. For now, even after the payola scan- dals and the attempt to link all payola with rock and roll record- ings, the music with a beat still dominates over 60 per cent of The Billboard's "Hot " chart.

This is not to say that rock and roll isn't fading, or actually evolving into pop music, but the fade is one of the slowest yet recorded. Right now the number one rcc- chart is "Running Bear.

The tune was penned by J. Big Bop per Rich- ardson, and is as much a rock and roll recording as there is. On the charts at the present time are such out-and-out rockers as Frankie Av- alon.

Duane Eddy, Carl Dobkins. Jack Scott, Conway Twitty. Little Anthony and the Imperials. Sammy Turner, Johnny and the Hurricanes.

Martin Block celebrates his 25th year as a deejay by holding an auction of personal items contributed by stars of the entertainment world.

Pro- ceeds of the auction will go to the I Heart Fund cam- paign. The auction will run accord- ing to the rules of a "Chinese" auction.

In such an auction each bid is equivalent to a pledge to donate the amount of the bid to the cause for which the auction is spon- sored.

Highest bidder for any item wins the item; but all bids represent actual contribu- tions to Ihe sponsored cause.

In the Block auction, how- ever. Ihe highest bidders will not he the only prize winners. All bidders who fulfill their pledges will be entered in a giant jackpot drawing to be held the third week of Feb- ruary, which will feature de- sirable prizes.

And is there any doubt that Elvis Presley's first new records, when he is re- Tender 1 leased from the Army, will con- Slim, the Fleetwoods. Frankie Ford, j tinue to sell in the millions as his the Spacemen, and the Rivieras..

Davis, of course, is have presidential aspirations. Back the successful Democratic nominee in Stuart Hamblen ran for for the governorship of Louisiana president on the Prohibition tick- ; fa post he held in ; et.

If the trend continues, record While Britt has launched a bid for industry historians predict that El- i Ihe presidency of the United vis Presley or Fabian — as veteran States Britt entered the Democratic preference poll in New Hamp- shire's presidential primary March N, plans to stump the State with a piece hillbilly band.

A fourth package will follow this week to please blues aficiana- dos. When pressed as to why they were start- ing their own firm, the writers said We think we can do better for ourselves than with most music publishers.

Ihe occasion ties in with the art- ist's 85tb birthday celebration. Monteux was the musical director of the San Francisco Orchestra from to Moreover, if the boys retain their current fa- natical follow ings, the political pundits maintain one of them might make the White House.

Primary rumor had a split between the two major portions of the firm, with the phonograph-making wing, cen- tered around Waters- Co nicy of Rochester, Minn.

Scuttlebutt also had a number of changes in the administration of the Conley Electronics plant, with John Rau being replaced by various names in ihe tape industry.

It's known that firm's distribution of Mood Master commercial back- ground music units has not deliver- ed and indications were that shukeup would center on improving sales, marketing and merchandising activities.

Epic Offers Special Jan. The label is of- fering qualified distributors 90 day dating on all shipments dur- ing January. Catalog popular albums are also being offered at a 10 per cent dis- count during January.

But new popular releases will be offered to distributors and dealers at a 10 per cent discount in special pre- packs. The distributor pre-pack consists of 60 albums which are actually six dealer pre-packs of 10 records each.

The dealer pre-pack contains 10 records with six mon- aural albums and four stereo counterparts. The only way deal- ers can obtain the extra 10 per cent discount on new releases is via the pre-packs.

UST will duplicate, package and distribute key mate- rial from the UA stereo catalog, including sound track, classical, pop and jazz sets.

A release of eight to 10 tapes is being planned for February. The label recently signed singer Craig Brown to an exclusive re- cording contract.

His first record will be "Cell Walls" b-w "Sahib. The singer-actor appeared at the Wayne Avenue Theater, delivering a live perform- ance opposite the feature film.

Peters sang all of the numbers in- cluded in his album. Till The End Of Time. Beyond the Sea — Bobby Darin, Atco Waltzing Matilda — Jimmie Rodgers, Roulette Amapola — Jacky Noguez, Jamie Up Town — Roy Orbison, Monument Records will release a Bing Crosby "sing along" album.

Package con- tains 33 standards arranged by Bob Thompson with chorus and orchestra conducted by Jack Hal- laran. Album includes three inserts containing complete lyrics of all the nines featured.

This marks the second Rady- produced package to be issued by the Warner label. Rohey, president of Duke Records, Inc. Robey denied he had ever of- fered anything of value to disk jocks or radio station personnel, but said he has "bought time on all Houston stations to promote vari- ous artists in town for personal ap- pearances.

PRC said it could ; find no record of a time sale to ; Rohey. Robey blamed the major record companies for instigating the fed- eral probe and said when he ap- sending personal letters to WB's ] complete sales force in an effort to fan their enthusiasm for the album.

Marek, RCA Victor chief. Bullock, vice-president; Records Operations Department, J. Davis, vice- president; Commercial Records Creation Department.

Burgess, manager, Ra- cusin also assumes responsibilities for the Financial Department un- der Harry Kellcher, controller, and the Personnel Department, under C.

H, Foulke, Racusin reports to Market. They are alter the horse's tail when they should be after the head. Robey has specialized in rock and roll, rhythm arid blues and spirit- ual disks for the past 12 years.

The first audition was held last Saturday, when Leonard Sillman showcased his latest "New Faces'' revue. Among the performers will be canary Dorothy Olson.

Altho the auditions will not be reviewed, Alan Foshko, who supervises the project, is inviting the press, along with prospective angels and record company execs in search of original-cast properties.

McCarthy will headquarter in Miami, where field monitoring including reports on record pro-: Both recordings are avail- able mOflMUrally and in stereo.

In addition, it brings us together in a weekly discussion and exchange of ideas, plans and accomplishments — no matter how far apart we are on the globe.

That's why I think of Billboard as a clubhouse of the music industry. I'm proud to be a member of that club. Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra, here's a guaranteed nales, making promo- tion!

This is a prize addition to any record-collector's library. He will be responsi- ble to Gallagher for the develop- ment of plaps and programs as ad- ministered thru Columbia's district tales managers and distributors.

He will also help the sales chief on national merchandising programs and record distribution. Another appointment at Colum- bia this week is the naming of Dick Smith to the post of manager of sales administration for the disk- cry.

His job will be to co-ordinate and administer Columbia's nation- al sales programs thru the field tales organization. Smith was last with Strand Records as national tales manager.

The Hush catalog fea- I turcs a variety of silent rec- ords. The concert featured the university's votce cho- rus not singing, and Henry Morgan led Detroit personali- ties in a critical discussion of their favorite silent records.

Hush mahoffs are looking to build up a stable of experi- enced a. On a con- tractor basis, like the big labels do.

He will supervise costs for packages, sales communica- tions, sales promotion and advertis- ing pieces. The Wallace Brothers, following their current two weeks at the Fountainbleu in Miami Beach, will head for Japan where they open an eight-week tour on January Across both coasts in this conti- nent, Joyce has Roy Branker open- ing this week for 10 weeks at the Apache Motel in Miami Beach, with movie comic Mickey Shaugb- enessy set for a January 25 starter at the Clover Club in the same climes.

Grauer, along with Orrin Keepnews, also operates Riverside Records. A strong release program is planned with 10 albums set to hrt the market this month and five per month thereafter.

LP Sales Corporation, New York, will han- dle national distribution and in turn will appoint local distribs. Larry Potter's Supper Club in No.

On the other side of the north- ern border, Joyce has the Five Honeycombs opening this week for a fortnight at the Harmon Air Base in Newfoundland. The boys will dance — not sing — on the show.

Clark and Murray will work on an exchange deal. The Murray show, featuring Kathryn Murray as emsee, will de- vote, an entire program to Clark and his career.

Clark in turn will pay tribute to the Murrays and their contribution to the history of the dance on one of his Saturday night ABC-TV shows.

These may be com- munity orchestras and bands, en- lembles. Diskery saw the light of day in a small record shop on 47th Street.

This month, three new labels are being added: Bluesville, devoted to blues and folk music; Swingsville, with music of the Swing era, and Moodsville, a series of collections in volumes of bal- lads and standards performed by jazz artists.

UA will release eight albums in January. Buffalo, lashed out against distributors who carry too many lines last week. In his weekly newsletter to the trade, the jock asked "Why don't distributors all over the nation start getting se- lective about what lines they han- dle and start dropping the 'one shot' outfits?

How can any distributor who is trying to be fair give proper atten- tion to any line if he has 50 or 60 labels? It's getting to the point where even the distributors them- selves don't know what they have.

Her former exclusive label tie was with Columbia Rec- ords. In addition, a number of singles are in the hopper. Meanwhile, with chores on the Chevalier show buttoned up, Maxin, who just returned from a week's round of studio conferences on the Coast, took off tor four days in Rome to discuss details of a sound track package for a new film starring Ava Gardner, now in production in the Eternal City.

The transaction was completed on December 14, , according to Ballen. He also stated that Diskmakers had instituted a policy of price reduction and profit sharing for its accounts, which Ballen claimed, was a new policy for the record pressing business.

Plant is able to handle both injec- tion and compression molding. Mallard Pressing Corporation was purchased by Clark and Lowe in , and had gained a lot of business during the past two years.

It is another of the Clark interests being disposed of by the deejay. He sold his three publish- ing firms last week The Billboard, January Well known as the founder and president of the Garrett Corporation, designer and producer of aircraft and diesel com- ponents, Garrett said that the new company will be a completely inde- pendent enterprise.

Klasc as vice-president and general man- ager. Immediate plans include signing of performers and musicians to the talent roster and formation of a distribution network.

The new re- cording firm will cover the entire field of musical entertainment, ac- cording to Klase. Gallese was a radio disk jockey and TV announcer hefore entering the recording field as a sound consult- ant and engineer.

It is reliably reported that Kayc has worked out an agreement with Columbia Uni- versity, owner of the land on which the ballroom stands, to con- vert the club back to a regular ballroom.

It is also reported that Kayc intends to open it about March 1. If all the negotiations work out, Kaye will play the Ar- cadia-Riviera Ballroom about six months of the year with his band.

These conclusions were drawn by Don Balsamo, station vice-presi- dent. These were ' sent to members chosen at ran- dom from the station's "Good j Music Club.

While on the Coast, Reig will also meet with Pearl Bailey to make plans for her next album, which will be recorded here in February. The pair quit ABC last Mon- day after many years with the firm.

Block had been with Glaser for 14 years, Bennett lor It is understood that they will set up their own booking office shortly in New York.

Album is the first of five scheduled for release in Diskery intends a satura- tion compaign in press, point of sale, deejay level, etc.

Rock and roll as such sprung full-fledged upon the scene back in , and has continued to ex- ert its hold on the kids ever since.

The reason hat it still has the hold in partly due to the economic sit- uation of the record industry it- self, in which the youngsters con- tinue to be the biggest market for tingle records.

Even when what is often termed "quality" material is put on disks, adults, don't buy the records in any quantity that disk makers hope they might do.

An indication of this is the sale of Johnny Mathis singles versus John- ny- Mathis albums made up of the same tingles.

Mathis albums con- taining "Johnny's. Obviously no record company is going to put itself out of the sin- gles business by recording singles I that won't sell.

And since the larg-! The mistaken belief on the part of even some members of the industry that only rock and roll firms gave out with payola is a belief that is more a fancy than a reality.

The whys and wherefores are questions for folk outside the music business, for inside there is rarely reason to question successful records, or trends, but to go along with them.

There are window displays and in-storc displays to tie in with the Cleveland Orchestra promotion. And there will be national adver- tising on the Clevelanders during February and March.

They recommended total divorcement from broadcasting, and compelling the rival to function under ASCAP "ground rules.

Even the biggest manufacturers can't afford to put strong promotion behind each and every release they turn out. So what do they do? How good are they?

A detailed study of the statistics covering literally thou- sands of releases proves that 7 out of 10 of tomorrow's hottest records are featured in the big-space ads in Billboard today — and four of them will soon reach the best seller class!

So— if spotting the hits in advance is important to your programming. Adams assured the commissioner that the new decree amendments "will offer advantages to new writers.

Adams' lan- guage v not mine. Cites King Case When taxed for examples of in- dividual "payola" outgrowths of the alleged collective BM1 pay- ments, Adams quoted a New York Times article, which, in turn, cited the case of King Records.

The arti- cle said the Cincinnati record com- pany allegedly paid "between 12 and 15 disk jockeys around the country" to play its records.

Adams tied this in with the Harbach affi- davit, which had pointed out that King-owned Lois Music Publishing Company, received a subsidy in the form of an advance guarantee from BM1 "in excess of 1 , an- nually.

They wondered where legitimate plugging left off and payola began. Adams said "Live music and records" were the main areas, and prime villains were a.

Adams' prepared statement noted that the performing rights society had not the facilities to determine on a case-by-case basis when a par- ticular performance "was or was not the result of improper plugging by an ASCAP member or some i third party.

Within a quarter century. Yet there have been changes made by a few manufacturers in the light ol the probes.

One of the companies against whom the FTC issued a complaint is reported to have sent a letter out to distribu- tors telling them that there would be no more free records.

Free rec- ords, generally shipped on the ba- sis of free for every 1, pur- chased, have long been suspected to be the means with which dis- tributors paid their local jockeys for plays, by turning these freebies into cash.

If other companies fol- low this lead, it could lead toward the eventual elimination of dis- tributor support of jocks via free- bies.

Freebie Switch Yet another large indie, con- vinced that freebies are now on a complaint served against them by the FTC.

Bernie Lowe, head of Cameo and Swan Records, told The Billboard this week that he- had signed the consent order, the same one RCA Victor signed, but that he asked for 30 days delay before it became effective so thai all his competitors could sign it too.

It was also reported that one com- pany signed it for the company but refused to sign it for the of- ficers of the company unless all other companies who signed the consent order did the same thing.

There was one rumor that some indies would fight the consent or- der, altho this was considered doubtful. Both packages have fared well sales-wise since their initial release, thereby cueing the special cam- paign this month, complete with special display material and addi- tional deejay samples so that dis- tributors may re-servicc stations.

Meanwhile, Roulette executive veepec Joe Kolsky has started what is described as his "most extensive road trip in years," during which he will make a complete reap- praisal of each distributor's Rou- lette operation as well as super- vising promotion on the January "Soundsational Sales" program.

His job is to set up and run the music firms for the booking agency, a move that MCA has been contemplating ' ers for well over a year.

It is under- tion points all over the country stood that the music firms will be a part of the MCA Revue Produc- tions, Inc. Harris would not say def i- music publishing business.

Like nitely one way or the other, but Wrather, MCA is interested in pur- j speculation was high that some of chasing a large established ASCAP the names would be among those firm or two to start the music com- 0 f the deejays the subcommittee pany rolling, and the two names j probers have questioned on pay- most often mentioned in this con- ola.

FTC tiations it is not known if Mills 5 ays the record companies and dis- is still interested in selling, and. The firm is thinking about selling one record at distributor list and the next at say 50 per cent off.

Idea here is that if a distributor ordered 1, records he would get at the regular price and the other at half price.

There have also been some in- teresting developments concerning some of the companies who had tent to sell the firm.

Rod Lauren Continued from page 3 tion had all the usual elements plus the dealer angle. Other as- pects were a six-week lour, na.

Companies have 30 days in which to reply to the complaints. RCA, among the first to be cited, signed a consent agreement in rec- ord time.

As yet, no-consent agree- ments are reported from the other companies cited. By signing con I even have to admit guilt. Alexander notes several impor- tant aspects of the campaign, which are of interest to the trade gen- erally: Green said that serious classical buyers are more con- cerned with high fidelity in sound than they are with adding the ro- tund stereo illusion.

An orchestra playing Beethoven, he pointed out, cannot take liberties with the score or the arrangement of musicians to heighten the illusion.

In pops, on the other hand, music can be IfremoM: Detroit — Chi — St. TE lure of the artist's contractual ar- rangement with the diskcry.

The Neil Sedaka and Johnny Rcstivo promotions were fairly successful, Alexander indicated, but in these Trick separation of sounds will speed a growing stereo sale among popular fans, he said.

The trend cited by Green sub- stantiates a forecast he made al- most two years ago when many industry experts were tolling the death bell for monaural.

It s almost as much control as in the Lauren 1 impossible to read to, he argued promotion. We have Alexander indicated that the singles discovered a success pattern and j field, because of its importance in will apply and refine it.

The house had been sold out for weeks but a heavy snowfall caused a few to miss what was a pleasurable evening with the folk singer.

His large following overflowed onto the stage and roared approval at every selec- tion offered. The repertoire ranged from labor songs to Christmas, Chanu- kah and foreign offerings, latter including numbers of Spanish, German, and African origin.

The folk singer's new material, incidentally, should make for a new album with built-in sales potential. The taut, dramatic reading is of special trade interest in that it forecasts a Columbia recording of the same work, conducted by the composer.

This disk will he another in the Columbia series wherein Stravinsky documents his life's work by mounting the conductor's podium.

Capturing this on records should be an important event to classical buyers. The concert was one of four sponsored by Columbia Records.

Robert Craft conducted the orchestra in the initial selections of the Carnegie Hall date. Soviet Ork Makes Auspicious Bow The initial American appearance by a Soviet orchestra has created a major stir in musical circles, and deservedly so.

The Moscow State Symphony's opening program at Carnegie Hall, in the first ot a scries of concerts here under the auspices of S.

Perhaps the most important of these is the fantastic clarity of the articulation by its various component sections.

In its first offering, Tchaikovsky's well-worn Fifth Symphony, the music sounded positively fresh because the interplay of harmonics and textures was presented with the utmost clarity.

Conductor Kon- Btantin [vanov did not choose to wring the last drop ot emotion from the work: Soloist at the opening concert was pianist Emil Gilels.

He turned in a big performance, yet one with insight as well as power. The same composer's "Capriccio Italicn" made for a good-humored, light-weigh, windup to an event which started the Soviet group's visit on the right foot.

She treats the crowd to a few of the selections front ftcr forthcoming Colum- bia album and to some of her standard tunes. Her warm delivery is most acceptable on both ballads and up tunes.

Her songs included "Remind Me," "Cockevcd Optimist. Wade has a relaxed and informal delivery that shows definite signs of becoming an important personality.

Wade's songs included his current single, "Tell Her for Me," "Bye. Bye Blackbird," "Imagination" and "Ruby.

If he's not already signed, he's overdue. Woven into his readings are songs which dramatize the meaning of the texts, performed by one of the great choirs of our country.

The end result is an overwhelming religious, literary and musical experience. Music Suppliers Of N. M S Distributors Cincinnati: S W Distributing Miami: Garmisa of Wisconsin Minneapolis: Record Service San Francisco: Mt Cum pi on SI.

The singing Cathy Carr started a road trip last week to plug her new disk "Little Sis- ter. AMC vice-president, who states in part: Make a list of neighbors who play instruments, from accordions to zithers.

Ask the music store proprietor to pass the word around; ask the school band director for names of interested people. Post notices in stores, especially music I stores.

Write or call individuals I who show interest, and follow up with personal calls. Seek editorial support from local editors; while he is on the phone, 1 ask him if he plays an instrument.

At the meeting, urges Egbert, iron out such matters as practice sessions and administrative details. After all, you don't want to lose your amateur status.

Present subcom- mittee staff of 25 is being ex- panded to take in six new investi- gators and two clerks. Representative Springer listed four activities that will occupy the interest of the interrogators: The garden variety of payola: A closely related variant, payments by singers and their managers for disk plugs on the air.

Ownership by licensed broad- casters and station employees of a percentage of musical talent plugged on the air. Presumably, this phase also includes part owner- ship of tunes and publishing houses.

Kickbacks of live talent fees to station personnel. Thesa are Monty Babson. All of these are available monaurally and in stereo.

Don Ovens, national promotion manager for United Artists left last week on a promotional tour thru the South. AFM had been negotiating separate contracts with the indie TV film firms.

Major firms in the Alliance group include: This has brought transshipping and boot- legging. The jock attributes their sales strength here to the fact that "one is handled by a factory branch and the other by a distrib with only a few lines.

Quotas call Pata Jomaion. He prophecied that legisla- tion would result, and noted that "the administration had also rec- ommended legislation" on payola.

He declined to discuss the Justice Department memorandum on the subject. Harris refused to say whether record company officials would be called in addition to disk jockeys and others known to have come un- der the probers sights.

He did not even want to indicate the number of witnesses. He did say, in answer to a reporter's question, that if the music business is heavily involved, as i nd ica ted by sti bcom mi t tee counsel Lishman's memo The Bill- board, December The legislative chairman, who is also chairman of the full House Interstate Committee, said the staff needs another six or eight "trained technical people" in addition to its present staff of about 25, to cope with the "many problems to he de- veloped on the unfinished business of payola" hefore the hearings.

This may add to jitters of record company officials, a. Employment of additional tech- nically-trained help indicates that the hearings may get down to brass tacks on exactly who spent what and where.

Shortness of available time before the February 8 starting date will mean a frantic scramble for additional personnel, and round - the - clock sessions for the heavily burdened staff to assemble and correlate material — some of which was being dug out of Chi- cago by the legislative probers last week.

Flection Year Pinch The committee chairman said that time compression was neces- sary because it is an election year, expected to end with the July con- vention dates.

Harris seemed to feel that there would be no chance of resuming the session on the Hill between July and the beginning of electioneering.

Target payola activities sum- marized in the subcommittee's staff memo of December, in addition to deejay payola for record play, in- cluded: The Billboard, December 21, Hillman termed the acquisition of the singer as another move toward putting the label more strongly into the pop field.

Spokesman making the presenta- tion for the company noted that the process, known as TPR, "could compete with photo film and mag- netic tape and promised a wide variety of military applications.

Coincidcntally more than a 30 point drop in the stock of the Ampex Corporation, leading man- ufacturer of magnetic audio-video lapc and equipment designed to use magnetic tape, was noted.

GE officials noted that the sys- tem employs basically new princi- ples and that much additional tech- nical development will be required before TPR will appear in com- mercial products, a fact which was echoed emphatically by represen- tatives of magnetic tape interests attending the demonstration.

Guy Suits, vcepec and re- these recording systems. It can concentrate times the informa- tion in a given space as magnetic tape, according to Dr.

Suits, and in principle it could put down 24 volumes of the Encyclopedia Bri- tannica on a reel the size of a spool of thread.

The meeting, which will be held at 8 p. Bauer will 'review stereophonic ver- sus binaural sound, and dis- cuss directional perception and virtual images.

He will also compare delay stereophony and intensity stereophony and discuss actual reproduction and speaker placement.

The host exhibitors will be the Ameri- can Institute of Building Design. Potential appeal of the show is based upon the fact that there are , multiple-dwelling struc- tures, each comprised of three or more dwellings, in Los Angeles County alone.

Displays are ex- pected to draw interest of builders, architects, owners and managers from California and Arizona. The microphones arc the dynamic moving coil type with a cardiod pattern.

It is standard equipment with the new Norelco " Robertson said the new sales wing will perform all marketing functions for Zenith phono and stereo home instrument product, radios and TV.

It will be responsi- ble for sales, distribution, product planning, advertising, sales promo- tion and market research. Parts and accessory sales and service de- partments will also be a part of the new set-up.

The purchase of the West Coast charge of sales for the Zenith Cor- poration. At a recent press conference here, Truesdell declared that diffi- culties in determining the actual current sales levels of stereo are the result of a lack of good figures.

Turning to radio, he projected a sales level of 10,, home units annually for the five to year period ahead. At the same time, he saw sales of TV at about 8,, for the same period.

This mid-town section of the city draws a lot of entertainment - minded traffic, and consequently, Blunda does everything possible to pro- mote the same music which ap- pears in the scores of theater pres- entations.

For example, when a near thea-! Containing ,t thumbnail summary of the plot of the show, each of the printed slips invited show-go- ers to visit Music City nearby for complete albums of the music which titillated them during he stage presentation.

The set, which has an output of up to 60 watts, is equip- ped with FM multiplex and stereo- tape jacks. It is equipped with a diamond stylus. But if it's a really new development, you've got to limit the marketing to just those dealers who can understand and sell a radical product to avoid having your product stuck on a shelf to gather dust," Abraham B.

Cohen, president of Advanced Acoustics, told us last week. Cohen is currently concerned with the new- prodtict problem in a very real way. Later this month, he is going into full-scale production with a new loudspeaker, which he calls the Bt-Phonic Cou- pler, and to spring it in its first dealer showing in New York.

He fully expects it to be a controversial product, alt ho eventually easy to sell when the missionary work is done. This is the group in which we want to concen- trate, at least until we really get started.

But, as he pointed out, "even the largest manufacturers in the audio-phono field seldom have this kind of money, and much of the problem is a matter of smart retailing.

A veteran of more than 25 years in the electro-musical and broadcasting fields, and until the engineering manager of University loudspeakers.

Cohen has come up with a small-sized packaged speaker unit with a big sound and a set of statistics that will make most dealers do a double-lake.

The Bi- Phonic Coupler is strictly junior in size, measuring 18 by 24 by 4Vi inches, complete. The unit's gimmick, however, is the fact that its lightweight, polished-wood face, rectangular in shape and shock- mounted at the edges, is driven by a big, flat magnet and can deliver window-rattling low bass, with a watt amplifier pushing it.

Thus, the floating, power-driven face replaces the usual speaker cone and provides, by Cohen's estimate, "about three and a half times the effective piston area" of the usual paper-coned speaker you'd find in a unit of its size.

Even on low-low bass of the order of 35 cycles , the doesn't have to move very far to woof loudly and firmly, according to Cohen.

The braced, wooden surface can, however, go upward to This is where the demonstration problem, from the dealer standpoint, begins. Silent, the looks like a sample of wood paneling that's been placed in a picture frame by a lumber company showing its new line.

Effective demonstration we realized when we had a preview look at the can't be done on a completely cold prospect without the right kind of dealer sales training.

You can free-stand them in a room anywhere you like as both sides of the speaker radiate sound. We may eventually go into deals with phono manufacturers to have the part of original package equipment.

We can fit all kinds of decor situations. There's no short cut to achieving sales of a new product, such as his, thru good liaison between, the manufacturer and retailer.

His firm is actually a subsidiary of Electronic Research Associates ERA , itself one of the largest Eastern producers of industrial electron- ics, such as regulated power supplies and Sonar devices.

The institute is currently conducting its annual hi-fi show here. Stanton disclosed his decision in what he termed an "unacceptance speech" at the annual election of officers meeting.

As sole nominee for the office, Stanton automati- cally would have become institute prexy. He gave as his reason for not accepting the office the fact that the Institute is now going thru a transitional period and one which would require far more time than he can now afford.

It would mean that I would have to per- sonally call on and work with those members who "disagree with the present format. It would require a great deal of travel in order to meet with the members around the country.

The time involved to han- dle the office properly far exceeds my original estimates of what I would be expected to do.

Whether or not there will be a New York show depends upon membership reaction to the current Los Angeles event. There has been growing feeling that shows have outlived their use- fulness and other means of indus- try promotion and product ex- posure should be explored.

Shows have been the Institute's chief source of revenue. The number of shows the Institute will stage this year has been cut to Los Angeles and New York and there's a strong possibility that the New York show will be can- celled.

It also raises the question as to how the Institute will be financed if shows are dropped. In the meantime, Ray Pepe, newly elected veepee, will assume the role of acting president and will serve in that capacity until a new prexy is named several months from now.

Pepe is a veepee of James B. In addi- tion to being elected a veepee, Pepe was also named to the Insti- tute board. Herman Hosmer Scott, prexy of H.

Stanton will remain as a member of the Institute board of directors. The wrinkles are im- pressed after the charges have been shot onto the tape by an electron gun, when the tape, soft- ened by a momentary blast of heat in a vacuum, is "deformed" or wrinkled by the electrostatic charges.

See Limitations At least some of the major pro- Theater Tie-Ins Continued from pane 26 course, was highly agreeable to the theater.

In fact, the St. Louis record retailer has worked out a co-opera- tive stunt with the local theaters whereby each album purchaser, whether he is buying at the "bar- gain table" or paying full price for records, receives a free ticket to the theater of his choice, good with one paid admission.

Since many of the St. Louis theaters are presenting road shows, New York plays, etc. Here, using removable, il- luminated plastic letters, Blunda identifies his store in bright red on a grey background.

Remaining space, toward the end of the sign, is used to spell out the attractions at the nearby theaters.

His signs, in fact, so resemble the big thea- ter marquees nearby, that it isn't unusual for a customer to walk into the record shop, mistaking it for the theater entrancel Emerson Debs New Stereo Phono Model NEW YORK — Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation has added a new stereophonic high fi- delity phono model to its I line, part of a TV-stereo-hi fi phono modular ensemble.

The ensemble consists of three matched units available separately or together that form a "home en- tertainment center. As previously announced, the Emerson line also includes a bat- tery operated transistor phono.

These are designed to appeal to the hi-fi fan with a super-refined taste and an unlimited budget. Each studio column speaker en- closure contains three home-made speaker units, a watt amplifier and four frequency-correcting net- works.

The largest speaker, a nine- byinch elliptical unit, is hand made and employs a special flex- ible suspension. These are the same units used to monitor master recordings at EMl's studios in Britain.

This, they said, would make necessary extreme care in handling the tape at all tjmcs, since even a fingernail scratch could virtually obliterate the in- formation on that portion of the tape that was scratched.

In audio work involving editing, it was said, this would vastly complicate the problems involved. Even a slight finger rub could erase a lot of the highs on the tape, it was claimed.

Drawbacks Noted Another drawback to the ease and flexibility of the product was seen in the need for a vacuum chamber.

Those attending the dem- onstration were openly critical of the photographic application of the tape during the showing.

They claimed that the picture shown lacked contrast and was full of cross hatches and lines, indicating lack of dynamic range.

One ob- server noted that in the field of recording, dynamic range has been more and more in demand in re- cent years, a fact which would ap- pear to diminish the applicability of the tape to the audio field.

LeBel, veepee of Audio Devices, a leading supplier of mag- netic tape said: We also believe it will not replace most magnetic re- cording, even in the future.

Magnetic record- ing continues to offer the most last- ing, efficient, economical and practical method for the storage of data. At Ampex, we foresee signi- ficant developments for magnetic tape which will increase data packing infensity, reduce size of equipment and extend applica- tions, assuring a growing market for magnetic recording in the future.

Reason for the move, according to Molloy, is to avoid possible over- lapping of efforts between UST and Bel Canto's own distributors.

UST, the Ampex Audio subsid, functions as a four-track stereo tape distributor for approximately a score of recording companies.

Bel Canto's decision to handle its own distribution comes on the heels of the firm's shift in headquarters from Culver City Calif.

Several months ago, Bel Canto was purchased by and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Thompson - Ramo - Woolridge Corporation, functioning in its con- sumer electronics wing along side of TRWs Bell Sound.

Molloy will start operating from his new Co- lumbus base as of today The new line will be mar- keted thru the company's acces- sory division, it was announced here by Ed Rodgers, sales chief of the division.

Among the new units on dis- play is Philco's Stereo Phone mid- range and high-frequency speaker system.

In addition, the line will include 12 and inch, high fidelity, bass woofer speakers. Both instruments are true i components and will be featured in advertising and sales promotion aimed at the audiophilc.

Unit will feature a built-in aerial to circumvent using an outdoor aerial. Up to now, Webcor has marketed only a drop-in type AM- FM tuner in conjunction with its higher-end console stereo phono- graphs.

Deck features professional 1 type editing key: Webcor also detailed its expan- sive tape recorder and phonograph promotions, first reported exclu- sively by The Billboard, January 4.

When buying a Webcor tape re- corder, the purchaser is given a choice of long-playing record sets in French, Spanish, German or Italian instruction together with a I textbook of instructions.

Webcor dealers are being sup- I plied with complete kits, including , lists of Murray studios, direct mail pieces for sluffcrs, four-color win- i dow displays and ad mats and radio Commercials.

To accelerate dealer interest. Tape and disk sales for the fourth quarter of exceeded those in the same period of by 18 per cent.

Tape sales alone were 23 per cent higher tlian the last quarter. Designated as the Model Stereo Monitoring Recorder, the new unit employs the same tape transport as the model porta- ble deck.

The set is housed in a longer portable case which in- cludes two seven-inch oval speak- ers. The speakers; tho contained at opposite ends of the same portable cabinet, achieve effective stereo "distance" via sound-directing pan- els in front of each speaker.

Each speaker has angular adjustability for proper performance in any size room under any type acoustical conditions.

The new unit is also so engineered as to permit monitoring "off the tape" while a recording it actually being made. HtK Wi 60 tUM ClIiM I St 23 PS I Cipilol SW40 59S 0 HU M 2S 21 0 4.

Wucm si SI 22 0 Karen Lundquist sends the following round-up of distributor sales: Best sellers at James H. Ted KeUum of Marnel sends the following: Epic has been getting promising results on "Bad Boy" by Marty Wilde.

Disk is currently a big hit in England. The label's jazz LP's are selling well. Apex-' r artln in Newark, N. He started his singing career with the "Grand Ole Opry.

After receiving his discharge from he Army. Young returned toi WSM and an early morning, five- j day-a-week radio show. His hobbies are boating, hunt-t ing and fishing.

Joe Tur- ner was set after this performance. Turner was brought back into the limelight with his Atlantic hit, "Chains of Love.

Let Me Go Lover 2. Naughty Lady of Shady Lane 4. Hearts of Stone 5. Melody of Love 6. Teach Me Tonight 7. Make Yourself Comfortable fi. Well they played Lonely People and when it was over, Gerry said, with a grin, he was trying to remember the last time they did that one.

After due consideration he said he said it was Canberra on Wednesday night! For us it summed up his excitement for the evening. He had a grin from ear to ear all night.

We loved his genuine enthusiasm. They will never forget the night. We were buzzing with elation for hours after the show. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this great night.

We are really looking forward to it. Hi Margaret, I think that ABC Radio keep trasncripts of their interviews with everyone, and they are available for purchase I'll have a hunt on the website and find out for us.

I had almost completed a message before going to work yesterday and lost the lot, so here is another try. I hope no - one goes to the Opera House on a fictitious date after 28 February hoping to see America, because they will have missed out on a treat.

We all make mistakes but that one shouldn't have got through. One word can make a huge difference, as can one letter.

In my Canberra post, I missed a letter. The security people were pouncing, I missed the u. There is not one functioning tape recorder in our house, so after taking the phone off the hook, I jotted down a summary.

Here are some of the points covered. This was a terrific interview and Angela Catterns found the guys impressive. Anita, Go to the "Songs" tab on the web site header menu, once you are in scroll down to "Con Tu Pelo Tan Dorado" and "ahi veras la letra de la cancion".

Hope you're enjoying your time down under. Right down to the "uno, dos, tres, quatro" by Gerry at the very end. Does anyone have the words to this in Spanish?

Seeing this song title reminded me just how much I enjoyed the America version in concert. It seemed to these old ears that the guys sang this song better than the Beatles themselves!

The "la la la la" harmonies of "Nowhere Man" instantly draw comparison to the harmonies of America. Have they ever covered "Nowhere Man?

I will surely be sending it to Steve. Margaret - thanks so much for your tireless efforts with travel, comments and updates I hope you are getting plenty of rest 'cause I know Feb 3 is going to be one BIG adventure - let us know if you can sleep on the 2nd.

Maybe they can call 'Groundhog Day' for the 3rd - you'd never want that to end!! Goanna - enjoyed the story of how you got that name.

Yeah, we grow everything big up north, including the crocs and the sharks; we get big goannas and sharks down south here too. When you look at the map, I think we're bigger than Texas Do you have real Player?

You need that program in order to play the sound clip. It can be download in Macintosh format from the real player web site.

I too have a Mac. It opened on Real Player. I don't know if you've tried that. I don't know how to convert the Real Player file to MP3, but I will ask one of the tech-heads at the office tomorrow if they can.

If I'm successful, I'll email it to you. If not, I'll listen to it a few more times anyway and say to myself, "if only tskogg could hear this.

Margaret, Looks like the Sydney Morning Herald article is off by about a month Doesn't the schedule state they're at the Sydney Opera House this weekend?

Wow, I'm losing track of all the cities you've been too so far and all the miles you're logging! Are you running out of money yet?

I'm sure those Sydney shows will be great I got a kick out of the made up lyrics for this song Thanks a bunch for taking my mind back to some really carefree days Isn't it funny How some of the craziest things stay with a person over the years!

I would have been out of there too Thanks for the Laughs! Tooo much your hubby getting stopped by the police on the way home for a random breath test, what a Bummer!

Soooo will you be going to the Sydney show as well? I am assuming it is later this evening right I am sooo Happy they are filming this I sure hope You will come and share all of your happenings with us.

I bet you will be Shining for sure! I hope Frann takes some pics so you can share them with us! Have a great time!

Thanks for all the fun at live chat last night! Talk to you all on Sunday!!!! Sadie was always after him to marry her and on Sadie Hawkins Day ladies could proposed marriage.

We used to have Sadie Hawkins Day dances where the girls would ask the guys to the dance. Hiya Magaret, Yep,,, I reckon we were really lucky getting our photo's too I hope we weren't the cause of a possible crackdown.

Melbourne concert did have a few flash bulbs go off especially ours Do Americans observe leap year? Apologies for the delay with this review.

Yesterday was the last day of my holiday and going to an America concert was the best way to spend it. We were delighted to be able to speak to Gerry and Dewey before the show.

We are very grateful to them for this special treat. The time passed quickly and questions that we had thought of were unasked, for example the significance of lyrics in some of the songs being played at the moment, such as Company and To Each His Own.

Our seats were distant but a friendly theatre usher showed us where there were some vacant seats halfway between there and the stage.

The security people were dynamite. Goanna, there is no way that you would have been able to take all of your great photos in Canberra. They were even intercepting people with incoming text messages and were on the prowl and poncing as soon as a camera appeared.

When Gerry said they would be doing the long set, he asked if people had to be anywhere soon. For a split second I thought of bed, but even on limited sleep, I wouldn't have been anywhere else.

The audience was appreciative, anticipated and responded to the hits straight away and people were singing along with the songs and lots were up on their feet noisily applauding.

The show was really dynamic and passed far too quickly. Sadly, the Sandman introduction heralds the beginning of the end, but we were thrilled that we again experienced the bonus encore.

I can't speak highly enough of All My Life. I overheard a conversation praising Gerry's solo work. I'd like to add that we also thought that Dewey's voice was in fine form.

The playlist was the same as Wollongong and Melbourne. The drive home was again accompanied by a selection of America tunes.

Even changing the tapes at one stage, we heard SGH on the radio. I've noticed that more America songs are being played on the radio and last week, copies of The Definitive America were being given away.

Driving home, right away from the city lights, the sky was covered with twinkling stars and was illuminated by a low hemispherical moon.

I kept thinking of Lovely Night because the sky was clear and the stars were bright and we had indeed had a lovely night. It was a strange coincidence to see this song mentioned on the Chat Folder tonight.

We left Canberra at Maybe the police knew about Dewey's Hangover observations in Australia. With no alcohol in his system, the policeman wished Ross a good night.

We'd already had it! We arrived home at 1. It was a shock to the system. Company has been in my head all day. We've really enjoyed hearing it, as well as all the other songs with great solo parts.

The band has been terrific. Thanks for another wonderful night. I wonder if these people have any idea: Hi Nancy, I think the song is about a Kookaburra, pronounced cooka burra anyway, dowunder we have a similar song that goes like this The guys are in Sydney I think and play tomorrow night at the opera house I don't mind saying that my friends had a good laugh at my expense It's not the Croc's you worry about it's the lizards!!!!

PADS is kicking in badly It is a very informative site.. I have it saved to my favorites Gee I am getting spoiled with all of this late day starts The link that Nancy gave didn't work for me but I found out what the real link was.

In case it didn't work for you either, here's the link: Thanks for sharing Nancy and Goanna Greg. Geez Gerry what a view! You have me Laughing sooo hard!

I would love to be able to see your reflection in the water when you were taking this pic, sooo we could see the sly grin on your face You had to be cracking up too!

I am gonna be sure to check out who is taking pics from the balcony room windows I second Mo's we Miss You Tiny Bubble Carry our Guys back home safely Thanks sooo much for your ways!

Nitey nite all, back to live chat now!!! Gerry-- Your sense of humor is priceless. Looks like some of the Canberra persona could use a few laps in that lovely pool!!

We miss you over here. Happy Hump Day Everyone: I just think they are adorable Yes Karen I second your saying that it is always nice to see pics of those that we get to know on here.

Only 2 more days till the Sydney show! Wow where did January go too? Okay gotta get now, see you all at live chat a little bit later..

Click here to see a bonus shot from Gerry in Canberra. Chris - thanks for the lesson on what a "goanna" is! I was wondering too. Thanks for asking the question, Nancy.

The next time my sons have to do an animal report for school, I'll have to have them research goannas and alligator lizards: It's always nice to see the faces that go with the names.

So, Chris - has that article on your experience been published yet? Here's another date for the list: Welcome to the Chat Folder, Nettie.

Unfortunately, the videos that I have posted in the past are very large and I can only leave them on the web site for a short time. So, stay tuned to the Chat Folder.

Does anyone know what of the vintage songs they may be doing in ? Rob, if you look at the Wollongong concert playlist page you'll see the FULL list of what they're currently playing.

The odds are good that the songs they'll be playing will come from that list. Greg, What a treasure trove of autographs! You lucky "Goanna", you!

I'm literally dreaming of the day when IT might happen to me I just wanted to let everyone know i just got tuned to these chat folders and i really like them!!!!!!

How do i get to view the videos past present and future? I would love to be backstage at any given point with one of my favorite bands , how do you do it?

The pictures are great for all who are sharing them!!! Peace and Love to all!!! Looking forward to seeing "America" at end of February.

I loved hearing "Company" last year. I'd like to hear "Lovely Night". Way2go man - you have rubbed shoulders with legends and it is amazing how a lot of their magic rubs off on you - an instant euphoria trip and it is sooo great that we can share this great experience right here in OZ; from one side of the country to another - well done mate.

Your photos are awesome and will give you a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling that you never want to lose. Enjoy your memories and momentos - look forward to hearing more as the days pass and you re-enter our atmosphere It is a big, big lizard, something akin to a 'mini-me' dinosaur, long body, long neck and long legs - they can move pretty quickly, but luckily for us, shun contact with inferior species such as humans Margaret - I hope the finances hold out for a couple of more shows, you and Ross must be getting as tired as SteveL.

It is great that you caught up with Goanna. Happy for you that you will be seeing the best band in one of the best locations on the planet.

I am really looking forward to your upcoming adventure. Sean, I had The Border video available to download for about a week but most people couldn't watch it because it requires a special CODEC that most of us don't have and I don't know what it is!

I've heard from a few people who were able to watch it, but there weren't very many. The strange thing is that I can watch it on my computer at home but not on my computer at work.

I've tried downloading every CODEC I can think of at work and doing everything else that people have suggested but I can't see it on my work computer.

Until I figure out how to do that and I've given up trying for now , there's no need for me to make it available. It's great your making new links to America's videos.

In Sweetwater, did you and Dewey each receive the two items I gave Pete to pass on to the both of you? With all the items Pete has to pack after each concert, it would be easy for the items to be misplaced.

A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice. Thanks in advance for letting me know. Gerry - I just love the variety of your pictures! I like how you "tell it like it is".

You're very welcome, Jenna. It's really sad that we have people out there who create these viruses and do other things to cause problems.

When do you sleep? I once was found sleeping between 2 and 3 am LOL! That pool is tempting, just don't try a high dive from your window, Gerry, 19 meters is too shallow: Ok Gerry, this one is my favorite so far, so unexpected.

I love a guy who makes me giggle! My pc was infected with it yesterday as was my company's whole sytem. This virus is nasty Sincerely hope nobody else gets it!

Many thanks for your hard work, efforts, and all the updates! And for the heads-up warnings. Hi Margaret, so good you got to meet Goanna!

I can well imagine the conversation you guys were having next day with the energy of the show still surging through you! No I didnt hear the radio interview you gave when last in Auckland, but I remember you telling me about it.

Wish I HAD heard it! You are right, the final Crowded House concert did attract around ,! Whenever Im by the Opera House I think of that show I wasnt there, but have seen the video numerous times and marvel at how so many people could have crammed in there!

In fact, to me, next to Gerry and Dewey, he's the one! I perfectly understand you not being able to get to Auckland this time, heck, Ive been trying to get to Sydney again since I last saw you!

And Goanna, wow man, what an experience! And yeah, those belt buckles sure must be pretty rare indeed.

Was it one of Johnny's? I seem to recall one being on EBay a while back. Thanks for the great reviews; it sure makes the countdown even more exciting!

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Canberra, Australia. A fairly new virus began circulating yesterday and it works by impersonating e-mail addresses and sending them to other people so it can infect their computers.

Since my e-mail address AmericaSL byu. If you ever receive anything that was sent from AmericaSL byu. Look Out another Blast of Winter is coming my way today!

Okay gotta get now, take care all, See ya, Nancy: Oooooh how I love this song! I've also had a day or so to think about more to say, well,,, what I can say is that meeting the guys backstage goes extremely quick, the time just flew, and it was like I had a hundred words to say but couldn't get them out fast enough.

It's just buzzing all around when and the time just goes I did manage to say to Gerry that I thought his 2 solo albums are exceptional, The guys also really appreciate the effort that Steve puts into this website, as well as everyones kind words and comments on both websites I don't know who was more excited in our family Woodzy remembered us from visiting Australia about 12 years ago.

We use to own our own surf shop in a coastal town north of Sydney about 8 hrs drive, the guys played there years ago and came in for a few minutes I think one of the most fantastic things about everyone in the band and Erin of course, is their approachability when you meet them and just say G'day I work away from home during the week, and call home each day You didn't mention that we met earlier than expected.

We were able to continue where we had left off the previous night. Nancy, Ross enjoys going to the shows as much as I do.

It's something we've been doing together and looking forward to since the first tour here in His major concern is when we have to spend hours driving home and then go to work a few hours later.

Jimbob, Ross is stressing that after this we are in austerity mode, so I can assure you that as much as Auckland is a temptation, we can't do it.

As for those radio interviews last time, they were stress-inducing! Did you hear them or did I just tell you about them?

I was so scared when I was asked to do them, but felt I had to do them for the band. I'm lying low this time. Enjoy Auckland and tell us all about it.

Re Crowded House, our daughter was at the final concert at the Opera House and found it awesome. I looked for her video of the show to check the numbers present.

I thought it was , and Ross agrees. They had seats very close to the stage and said he was fantastic. Great melodies, lyrics and acoustic guitar.

Gerry, thanks for your reply to my question about the badge. We look forward to catching up with you again soon. I look forward to seeing a photo of the priceless buckle.

That was great of Gerry and Dewey to autograph the buckle as they did. As well, I'm very happy for Jordan. I look forward to seeing all of your photos from the gathering.

Not only was the buckle obtained via eBay but also through 'yeeBay'. The city lights and the beautiful sky are a nice combination.

What a contrast - a busy city and a peaceful sky. I'm really enjoying all the pictures. I'm also enjoying the reviews from the America concert experiences and adventures!

I'm looking forward to more pictures and reviews. Robyn has reminded me that we have already done Homecoming, so we'll be moving on to Holiday this coming Sunday.

We'll try to stay in order after that. Gerry sent me a bonus shot from Melbourne. Click here to see a beautiful Melbourne sunset. Last night's listening party was fun as always.

Hope you can be there. Also, my extra front row tickets for Gulfstream are still available. Please email me if interested.

I got the photos from Greg Goanna this morning and they turned out great. I'll get them posted as soon as I can. Johnny, to answer your question about the belt buckle, it was autographed by both Gerry and Dewey on the back of the buckle.

Gerry signed it on the top and Dewey signed it on the bottom. As I said above, I'll get the pictures posted including the buckle as soon as I can but it might take a few days.

I appreciate everyone's patience. How was it signed? With only the last name and did you get Dewey's autograph on the buckle, too?

Those babies are hard to come by One storm is here still now and then tomorrow, the weatherman is gonna hit the Replay button and we are gonna have it all over again We had a couple others come later and share the gift of gab with us, let me see there was Julie, sunsurfNndsand77 and that guy hmmm what was his name, it is a famous Movie title Okay gotta get now, Have a great day all!

Well everyone,,, I'll continue That's the least we can say about these phenomenal musicians The Melbourne concert can only be descibed as a class act!!!

These guys are like a good bottle of red The long playlist was to Magarets specs, the same, and to tell the truth I've only just had a chance to see that list on the web.

Chris holiday I know how you feel now Vic, yes it's already started Johnny, yes I did get the belt buckle signed Gerry said, "You got this off e-bay I also had a chance to get most of the rest of our collection signed too I have sent SteveL the photo's of the concert for everyone my appologies if they are a bit rough, the concert hall was packed and I was a bit concerned that we might have been told to settle it down with the camera a bit We went a bit crazy with it mind you: Jimbob, you are in for a treat mate How could you miss other die hards yelling and screaming!!!!

We thought the playlist was fantastic. A mix of everything, we know and love plus more. Gerry doing an un-plugged rendition of "All My Life" was our favourite, that guy just knows how to do it folks!!!

And Dewey's "Sandman" on the Fender is absolutely awesome. Michael Woods played like a demon and he just gets better each time we see him.

I think it's great how he takes the lead background vocals on some of the songs Willie, again, what can you say about this guy, the "veteran" as Dewey says The audience loved these guys, a standing ovation for them and so well deserved This concert has made our year: Just got home from the weekend in Melbourne,,,, that's all we can say for the moment, I've got to un-pack the car!!!

Nancy, hang in there for a couple of hours, I'm going to download the pic's and send to SteveL as well I went and checked this out and I could almost write this Sonderling Person an email and ask them how they could collect all of this just to get rid of it I Know I could never Part with any of Mine Is this view from the Top Floor looking down at the ground level, Or are you in another building that is Much higher than the rest and looking down on their rooftops Anyone who has collected virtually all of their CDs must have been a fairly big fan at one time.

I wonder what made this person decide they no longer cared enough for America that they could part with all of their music like that.

For anyone looking to complete their collection, you may want to check this out: Don't know how I did that, it seems my screen went blank pushed something on my keyboard, I guess so I typed it over I don't know if anyone has answered you yet,but yes your guess is correct, the button on Gerry's g-strap is carl I don't know if anyone has answered you yet, but yes, the button on Gerry's G-strap is of Carl Wilson, a nice one at that.

Hi Margaret, I didnt know you were going to Melbourne as well! And still 2 more shows to go! As I said, the Sydney Opera House will be a fantastic venue to see them in.

Makes me think of the Crowded House farewell concert. Didnt , people show up? You sure cover a lot of miles seeing the guys; Im just remembering the radio interview you did in Auckland!

I guess youve looked at the budget a few times now, wondering if maybe, just maybe, you will get to The Civic show again! I have two extra front row tickets for the Gulfstream show on February 7.

These are on Michael's side. Please contact me if interested. Click here to see another Dewey wallpaper that was made by Danae.

She says that the Gerry wallpaper is still in progress. Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm glad some of you are able to tune in. It's nice exposure for the guys' music. Ventura Highway's on right now.

Hey Riverside is on, and this Bob Stoud is talking about them now You know I need you, like the winter needs the spring Cool he has been playing some songs that I haven't heard in moons ages, now he is playing Dear Prudence, sounds like the Beatles singing this I hope you got some pics taken to share here with us I am anxious to hear all about it.

I hope he does well! I found it finally, and it was great watching it, and making all of the connections on it that we had talked about here from time to time.

I am hoping that I find some nice surprises! I have tuned in via the internet and so far in the first half hour they have played Horse, Everyone The program is interspersed with other artists and the DJ's commentary.

He seems to know what he's talking about. Tune in if you can. Hi Margaret - you get the undisputed award for 1 OZ journey-fans - I hope you will also have a full recovery for the Sydney concert s.

Johnny - ha ha - definitely a tropical flavour re your caption. You sure that wasn't a pineapple juice conference too in your bio photo: Nancy - I am lucky enough to have 2 great brothers of my own, but I will be putting a framed picture of my America brothers up on my study wall beside the one with my siblings.

Thanks for your best wishes. It is about miles south of Sydney, so this left us with little option but to fly. In the end having the opportunity to see America again outweighed our concerns about the cost.

Soon after arriving in Melbourne I wondered if I would actually get to the show. We were in the arty part of town with lots of quirky shops and cafes.

I had gone upstairs in a bookshop while Ross stayed downstairs with our bags. As I was walking down the stairs and got to the end of the railing, I took one more step and found myself sprawled facedown on the floor.

I had missed the narrow part of a wedged shaped bottom stair, twisted my right ankle and landed heavily on my left thigh and knee.

I could not get any words out. The strange thing was that Ross just a few metres away with his back to me and knew nothing of the episode until some other customers had picked me up.

He has had tinnitus since the last concert! After hobbling slowly through the shops and a visit to see some paintings by one of our favourite Australian artists, Fred Williams, I spent the rest of the day with ice on my foot and it worked a treat.

The Concert A large crowd mingled in the foyer prior to the show and were genuinely appreciative during the show.

The guys were very much at ease, in keeping with the mood of a long week-end in Australia, as tomorrow 26 January is Australia Day. The performance was very polished with excellent acoustics.

We found the vocals crystal clear. The song list was the same as Wollongong. We note that the set list has "Moving Train" crossed out.

We would love to hear that in Sydney as it is one of our favourites. We were close enough tonight to confirm that there was a face on the badge on Gerry's guitar strap, but not close enough to see who it is.

Our guess is is that it Carl Wilson. Can anyone confirm this? It always makes a huge difference for the long-time fans to be closer rather further from the stage.

This was certainly the case for us tonight. Even before the show we were looking out for who we thought might be Goanna. My guess proved to be correct.

It was good to meet you Goanna, compare notes and put a face to the name. A wonderful night was had by all.

Tonight we'll be listening to the first album, America. We'll be starting about 9 pm EST. On October 21, , John Corbett had an interview with Ian Samwell and today he sent me a transcription of the interview.

It's 16 type written pages so I need to figure out the best way to share it with all of you. I might just put the Word document that John sent me on the Chat Folder for everyone to download and then they can print it or read it at their leisure.

I haven't even had time to read anything beyond the first page so it will be interesting to see what's in it. I promise that I'll make it available one way or the other as soon as possible.

I hope you are staying warm on your Boy Scout Camping Adventure, hopefully it isn't as cold and blustery there. I just got back this afternoon and I did quite well considering it got down to 11 degrees last night.

My new snow boots and winter mummy sleeping bag did their job. The Scout troop did well, too, finishing among the top and winning some camping gear as a prize.

My eyes are tired and my body is worn out so I'll probably make it an early night tonight. Thanks for the well wishes and thanks to everyone for their kind remarks about the web site.

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Hobart, Tasmania. It would be neat to hear this. Both of these are Gems that shine soo brightly.

Like I mentioned to Chris, I really enjoyed the comfortable Smiles on their faces, it is almost as tho they have been best Buddies for many years, Hmmm I guess that could be true A Friend that will be there till the end of time.

Be sure to come and let us know all about this Well gotta get now, take care, Nancy: I waited a long time to hear All My Life in concert. When I finally did, it was so worth it!

Sorry to hear about your bad weather. Bad weather here in No. NV keeps being predicted but we have yet to see it. Although the skiing at Tahoe is supposedly great right now.

I know I am. A brief discussion about Gerry's "Watership Down" can be found in the "Highway" booklet as many of us know.

Personally, I prefer the "alternate mix" version versus the one on "Hideaway". Here's an easy one for many of you, I bet: Who did Gerry confer with another musical artist after he wrote "Watership Down" before the finished draft?

Here's my feeble attempt with a caption for Chris' photo of him with Dewey and Gerry: LOL nor a digital camera with computer link-up.

I always thought they should have used Gerry's song at the beginning over the titles. It would have beern fabulous.

They used an Art Garfunkle tune" Bright Eyes" in the middle. IMHO it slowed the film down. I saw this in a theater with the Ralph Bashie version of Lord of the Rings.

Some idiot parents had brought their preschoolers to see it. The kids were terrified. The faterh said, soothingly, "don't worry the next movie is about bunnies" I turned and said "Mister, if you think 'Watership Down' is about bunnies, you are sadly mistaken" He left before the first movie ended.

The show starts at 10am Eastern 9am Central, 8am Mountain, 7am Pacific. During a "Roots Salute", extensive songs and artist information is aired during the show.

I like the Nice comfortable Smiles that I see on your faces. I have been searching all through the Archives, trying to find a post that I found that was made back in by a Professor from Penn State University, it was a review about the show I saw I can remember them only singing about 6 or 7 songs, so I am assuming it was the Short Playlist I can remember them singing Mirror to Mirror and they talked about their new album.

I am starting to question myself about the Year tho, cause I can't find this info that I had found before about this show.

I am gonna have to try and find it to read. I had tried to check out your site address, but my Dena Dell has been having some pretty mean run ins with Popups and it seems everytime I think I am gonna check something out, my comp locks up and I have to reboot I just love the Wealth of info Steve takes the time to keep it that way.

Hope things get fixed soon for the both of us. I sure wish I could say to you that I was heading to the Mohegan shows Chances are good I won't be at any of them I'd be safer saying it that way, and letting the Hope there that I will be surprised and get to one of them Now I just gotta dig up this VHS tape and pop it in and see what unknown treasures are on it Thanks for sparking that for me!

Nice hearing from you Mary: Okay gotta go order some hockey tickets for my hubby and son Have a good day all! Sing it for us Gerry: Nettie, Not sure yet.

Maybe all three but a few factors have yet to play out. Not the least of which is Mother Nature and her somewhat sick sense of humor.

Also, funds and sitters are everpresent issues. Sorry for the mamby pamby answer. I just didn't want to leave your post completely unanswered.

In Gerry We Trust, Mo. David, correct on all three answers and more, thanks. Jimbob, glad you enjoyed my trifling. Erin, I sent you an email; did you get it?

Holiday, I sent you a huge one, and it came right back, please send me your new email address. I know u posted it a while back.

LOVE your photo suggestions! And, I forgot to write, the author is Richard Adams. An excellent book, and excellent novelist. Gerry has written a song, the title of which might make one think of a novel, with characters such as, Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Dandelion, and Bluebell.

What's the name of the song and the novel, and what "kind" of characters are they? A rose between 2 thorns. A thorn between 2 roses. Greetings from the Great White North.

Fourth snowiest January on record even if it doesn't snow another flake the rest of the month--just in case you were keeping the box scores on that kind of stuff.

It is piled so high at some intersections that you can't even see oncoming traffic. You have to inch out to check the lane.

SO, I'm just gonna give the Observation for today: Sometimes you just have to use the telephone poles as guides while trying not to get too close to them!!

Speaking of that, did you ever notice that telephone poles look like the candles sticking up out of the huge white frosted birthday cake that is a snowy world?

Okay, maybe that's a bit much. Cabin fever may be setting in I got on here to write this: I am thrilled to hear that Gerry is singing All My Life in the show.

It has been one of my favorites for so long and I've never heard it live. Just like Erin would give anything for a palm tree, I would similarly give nearly anything to hear this song in concert.

Noticed in a moment that in a shot after seeing Gerry typing -well, I suppose it's him because he doesn't wear a wedding ring you can see one agents staring at a small lake of blood on the road.

Well, the video was downloaded in my computer just to the 2: So, I couldn't see the explosion of the game board neither the scene of the pursuit.

Can anybody guess and tell me whose the blood is? I mentioned that I would be posting another video but I have discovered that it is the same format as The Border video which means I can only watch it at home and not here at work.

It also means that most of you won't be able to see it either since most of you couldn't watch The Border. I'm assuming you know that the Horse's Mouth, America Newsletters in your archives contain concert schedules from ?

Yes, Tim, I do know that. I then made myself a big note to incorporate them. Thanks, anyway, for the reminder. Apologies if I have not responded to any personal emails - I hope to be able to get back on-line this weekend.

Thanks KarenL, Johnny and Jenna - glad you liked it. Johnny - have we seen a picture of you yet? I wonder if anyone knows someone who looks like Dew or Ger?

Yes, that's Rich Campbell is that the right spelling behind us in the photo. Woodsie and Willie were talking together just out of picture to the right - it was amazing - a big room, and just the band, road crew, management group and me.

Yes, I will be able to scan the article to Steve when it's published March. I finished the office captions competition today with the prize of a copy of the Definitive CD.

I do have a creative bunch of co-workers who have been looking after me as I come off my America high. Here are the ones I chose as the top three: Latest extreme makeover - Saddam Hussein enjoys new life in America Holiday - until you open the first five buttons on your shirt, you can't be in our band Looks like the horse has a name after all I did tell them to be brutal - it helps to bring me down to earth.

The ad in today's paper for the Sydney concerts state they are on next week, but it still says the dates are Friday 30 and Saturday 31 February The band deserves better.

Haven't posted in a long time. A couple of observations: Noticed the most recent play list has 3 songs as encores. I hope the guys keep this as a regular part of the show.

I always feel like I am getting just a little more out of a show when there is more than one tune for an encore I know it is really the same of songs at the concert anyway, whether they are played before the encore or as the encore.

But, I'm simple, I can be fooled into thinking I am getting more for my money Second. This website is one of few music sites and I visit several on a regular basis that is updated frequently.

Steve, you need to be commended for all you do keeping things fresh here. Chris - your picture with Dewey and Gerry turned out very nice! Thanks for sharing it with us - I always enjoy seeing the concert photos and pictures of fellow fans!

Is that Rich Campbell I see in the background? Chris, I toyed around with few captions - but, like Johnny said - none are as witty as the ones you listed.

Your co-workers must be envious ; It's nice that your company is recognizing that this was a big deal and is publishing a story about it!

If there's an easy way for you to share the article with us, that would be fun to see. I'm currently posting from the public library since the home computer is on the blink so I can't think of anything witty as a caption at the moment, but it's GREAT to finally see a picture of you.

Actually, you and one of my friends could pass for brothers Chris, Your "Brush with Fame" article for your Company's March issue sounds a little more interesting than the monthly newsletter I write for my Bank!

Good luck with the article! Sorry, I'm a little burnt out My husband tapes the vh1. The video is a mock-audition where about half a dozen famous performers are supposedly singing for Jeff.

He's wearing a vibrant red and blue striped blazer and appears for about seconds. Has anyone seen this video? There is a sound clip but all I can hear is a womans voice.

Has anyone heard the entire song?

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